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Paranormal Research on 30/07/05 At Polutexneioupoli Zwgrafou



30/07/05 at polutexneioupoli zwgrafou

Nature Of Mind

An Excelent Psychedelic Night...

Helicon Sound System Records Proudly Presents the breakdown party - 25/7/09 Athens

Helicon Sound System Records Proudly Presents THE BREAKDOWN PARTY - 25/7/09 Athens

HSS Records invites you to a special Summer party this Saturday 25/7/09 at Goya Club Athens

Line up

Ghreg on Earth - Live ( United States of America )

Since the late 1980s, Ghreg On Earth has woven a unique musical vision as DJ, A&R manager and Producer. His dedication and passion for an intelligent, gritty and moody musical journey, has forged a sound that is known for it’s timeless cinematic spaces that push the trance medium far beyond its formula parameters. Meshing, Blurring and Slurring wildly diverse stylistic elements into trance dancefloor alchemy, his sound has become synonymous with adventure in the unpredictable peak of sonic apotheosis.

Ghreg’s debut full length album, Sigilweaver, stunned and lit afire the trance world with its release in Winter of 2005. It represents a new benchmark in sound exploration that continues to awe listeners and dancers hungry for a timeless journey through the outer regions and inner alcoves of deep nighttime soundscapes.

Ghreg On Earth currently resides on the West Coast of North America (Earth) where he continues to create electronic music without boundaries , taking the next steps into futuristic mythologies that conjure the sonic imagination of tomorrow.


Dark Elf Vs Darkshire a.k.a. Septagram - Live Set

Septagram, septacle, heptagram, Elven star or fairy star. The number seven corresponds to the spirit realm, which is why this symbol is associated with elves or fairies. There are no set representations for each of the points, but they are sometimes labelled: earth, air, fire, water, above, below and within. The septagram is also associated with astrology because the classical view of the sky contained seven planets. The septagram, a continuously drawn figure having seven points, is a less common religious symbol than the pentagram. It is a sacred symbol to Wiccans who follow the "Faery" tradition… It is important in Western kabbalah, where it symbolizes the sphere of Netzach, the seven planets, the seven alchemical metals, and the seven days of the week. Also used in ceremonial magick, representing 7 tenets of: Balance, Harmony, Humility, Learning, Reincarnation, Tolerance, Trust. Once it represented 7 angels who became 7 planets (the ones then known), called the Mystic Star. Other 7’s include: Deadly Sins, Mounts of the Hand, Pillars of Wisdom, Sacraments, Virtues, & Wonders of the World.

Septagram is the project between Dimitri (Dark Elf) and Mario (Darkshire) . They were experimenting a lot together and finally decided to mix the two styles for the blast of every dancefloor they would meet ahead…



Label Manager/owner of Helicon Sound System Records (HSSR) , Psychedelic Trance DJ and Promoter of Electronic Music Shows

His sets, ranging from deep-space psychedelic techno, to Dark euphoric atmospheres and to Hi-nrg Trance, work perfectly at the moment of twilight. They are a trancemission straight from the Helicon dimension.

In 2007, Helicon Sound System Records was born. HSSR was an independent electronica label located in Athens. The purpose of Helicon Sound System is to become a platform for the promotion of Greek music technology and to provide the dancefloor with innovative music from its international network of artists.
From then till now HSSR has been transformed to Helicon Sounds music with 4 imprint labels promoting and releasing music tracks from an international active crew of artists,djs and designers.

CRX is involved in a live project named "The Mind Antivirus project" along with N.O.M.-a founding member of HSS Records- which includes tracks from Dance to Trance. Mind Antivirus Dj Sets are CRX with Progressive Techno and trance sounds .

CRX is also writing reviews and Articles for Partysan Greek Edition , a world-known Club Life Free Magazine

CRX Radio Residencies : Electrocaine , Psyber Radio and Trancemoon Radio


DJ Sishiva - DJ Set

The real name of SiShiVa is Sissy Danou. Born in Athens in 1986. Her first contact with music was at the age of 9 years when started guitar & flute lessons. At 14 started to hear electronic music, and moslty trance. Later started to go to parties in Athens and loved the vibe and culture of the psychedelic trance scene. Finishing the school, she study renovation and re-establishment of buildings. At the same time she begins to deal with the creation of music for amusement in the beginning, and more professional later. Her music characterize dark atmospheric psychedelic trance, with nightly melodies, and sometime tunes might be a little of night full on. SiShiVa's first release came in 2008 with The Forest Whispers compiled by her with realy good Dark Psy Artists on tha V.A. More to come...!


@ GOYA Club
Aristofanous 11 psiri

Entrance : 15 Euro + Free HSS CD

>TECNARE Sound System
>Full Aircondition
>Free Water Supply
>U.V. Lights+instalations
>Managment reserves the right to refuse admission

Helicon Sound System Eleusis Records Presents Alien Visions 12 Sep 09

*Planetary Alliance*

ZIK ( Insomnia Rec / HSSR )

Alex Vozikis from Thessaloniki (Greece) is responsible for the trance projects Adrenal Glands , Horror Place , Zik and Matutero. He started writing music since the age of 13 in the styles of gabber and hardcore with the artist name Terrorist. In the year of 1999 he started to write chill out and psychedelic music. The concept behind his music is to push listener into the deepest regions of their subconsciousness, while helping them overcome their darkest fears.

Alex has released two albums of his project Horror Place on the labels Insomnia Records (Russia) and Phreex Networx (Japan) and has more than 30 tracks released on various compilations on labels like Vertigo Records (Russia), Devils Mind Records (Sweden), Sanaton Records (Sweden), Cosmic Theatre Records (Finland), Mistress of Evil Records (USA), Avatar Records (Israel), Noise Conspiracy Records (Cyprus), Manic Dragon Records (Hong Kong), Tantrumm Records(USA), Disco Valley Records (India), Deja Vu Records (Russia), Echo Vortex Records (USA), Mass Abduction Records (Mexico) and many more...

Over the years Alex has collaborated with many artists around the globe like Alien Mental, Polyphonia, Orestis, Kulu, Stranger, Kindzadza, Psykovsky, The Nommos, Fractal Cowboys, Drury Nevil, Ocelot, Cosmo, Savage Scream, Dejan, Noise Gust, Jelly Headz, Dark Elf, Parahalu, Kashyyk.... and today succesfully performs around the world.


ORESTIS ( Tantrumm Records / HSSR )

Orestis was born in Athens, Greece (1980). His first musical experiences were with metal / gothic / and hardcore sounds. The Psychedelic scene came in to his life in 1996, where he discovered a new dimension in electronical music and since 2001 he starting djing.

From 2004 he started to produce his own music style trademarked by dark atmospheric influences, strong percussive elements and an attention to the progression of the sonic story.Orestis' compositions are inspired by the universal flow of our daily feelings and experiences. Music for the mind is the connection for all those unique emotions that we cannot describe. ....

Orestis also participate to the following project :
Ravenous Minds with Madness Increazzed.
Alitia with Stranger.
Orephonia with Polyphonia.
ZikOre with Zik..


DARKSHIRE ( HSSR / Lycanthrop Recs / DVR )

Mario is the mind behind the DarkShire and the SoulCraft project as well as one of the captains of Septagram , Schizoshire , Brain Panik , Brain Error , Kokobloko and Others

Mario discovered psychedelic trance in 2000.From that moment he started going to parties and festivals around Greece and started to gather underground music from all over the world .

In August 2004 Mario started to experiment in the studio under the guidance of Dimitri (Dark Elf) . The music style that influenced him the most was the Hi-nrg trance music comming from Russia . While Studying , besides the DarkShiRe project , Mario had a lonf time experimenting with sounds and setting up ACTIVE LIVE ACTS with his friends Stefano (Detonator), Dimitri (Dark Elf) ,Gregory Materia Increada (part of Kokobloko project) Kolya (Furious) , Andreh (Bash) etc Vaggelis (Fractal Error) and the list goes on and on
Currently Mario is about to release his latest Project " Dark Shire and Amigos" , a 9-track collaborations collection mastered by Furious.

Also SoulCraft project ( Marios Morning trance project) debuted with a free to download EP through Soul Spirit Records with great response.

In the mean while , Mario performs his music all over under his many projects and maximizing his skills in digital Animation

DJsFraktal Freak ( HSSR / DarkPsySin )
Z.experiment ( DarkPsysin)

CRX ( Nibiruan Ambassador )
LocationGoya Club , Aristophanous 11 - Psirri Area , Athens
Entry fee20 Euro including Drink

Due to limited space and maximum satisfaction there will be a limited amount of participants up to 250 ppl
For Information or reservations contact : Heliconsoundsystem@yahoo.gr or pm in here
myspace : [myspace.com]
facebook : Costas Helicon
InfoWhat if the myths of ancient Greece were attempts to describe events that really occured in the past? What if ancient civilizations were indeed visited, not by imaginary gods and goddesses, but by extraterrestrial beings who arrived on earth thousands of years ago?
Support by Helicon Sound System Network Worldwide

Greece,Athens 2 march 07 : Helicon in trance festival vol1

Helicon Sound System presents:
Helicon in trance festival vol1
“The Underground Sounds of Athens”
2/3/07 at An club,Exarhia athens
Helicon soundsystem presents its first release
"Va-the underground sounds of athends"
And is bringing you the very best of the athenian underground music scene.

Live acts
CHEESEBALL (punk-hardcore,athens)
The project started in 1996 under the name soundvision.under that name they have released 1 cd ep with many success in the underground.after many changes in the line up the band changed its name to cheeseball and they r about to release their first full lenght cd with 8 new tracks

RANDOM WALK(dark metal,athens-greece)
RandomWalking started a couple of years ago... they are far from speechless... This is an invitation to sinister spasms of the ego.

Secret special guest

live sound systems

S1ps15 (psy-trance,athens-greece)
S1ps15 is the project of narcosis and cymazz one of the most hardcore psy-projects ever.
A must to hear

Septagram is the project of Dark Elf and Dark Shire .
Mario and Dimitri created this project back in 2004, in order to experiment more together, and having acquired some synths, started collaborating a lot on this, except their two promising projects, Darkshire and Dark Elf... Septagram music has influences from both, and can range from a horror atmospheric trip to morning powerful vibes... Depends of the mood !!! An album is on his way for late 2007 !!!
This will be the very first live perfomance of the project in their place of Origin,ATHENS before they perform in Portugal and Russia

Dj sets

Very special guest

Duncan Patterson's career traces back to the early 90's, when he began his musical incursions as a member of Anathema, a group that would pioneer and remain as forerunners of the unique Doom Metal genre throughout that decade.

Patterson would later also become involved with Antimatter, a project which would find him developing his long-standing talent for emotional and atmospheric song-writing into new formats, and which he quit in late 2004 as the early sketches of what would later grow into Νon were drafted.

One can arguably class Νon as Patterson's most personal creation to date - a creation which he has fathered on his own, and one through which he taps deeper into his spiritual identity and heritage. This musical entity which Patterson has named after the Gaelic word for 'pure' - a word which accurately pins down the project's mindset - seems to elude strict categorization, and even the apparently all-encompassing definition of World Music falls short in defining the ethereal moods that "Madre, Protιgenos", Νon's debut album, comes to reveal.

Though fairly minimalist in its overall approach, the album's true wealth stems from its various layered soundscapes and the introspective ambiance that they recreate. These provide the lighter toned and dreamier elements of the album with an ominous and melancholic shade - much like a sense of hopeful longing for piece of mind haunted by memories and nostalgia. Having Irish mysticism and an exotic Mediterranean backdrop as its essential cornerstones, the project has slowly evolved into an international venture, stretching over continents and oceans. "Madre, Protιgenos" collects a rich array of influences that come to shape into a unique multi-textured body of work, based around smooth acoustic instrumentation (where acoustic guitar and various percussions take a leading role, alongside occasional harp, flute or viola arrangements), discreet keyboard elements, and remarkable voices.

The patterns that fuse into "Madre, Protιgenos" come not only from the varied instrumentation that musicians from Greece, Ireland, Mexico or Australia have added to the recordings. The album's unique diversity is equally produced by several female singers from Italy, Greece and Mexico who contributed to the album. Their appearances come to add pieces of each of their country's colours and dialects to the blissful lead interpretation of Russian muse Emily Saaen, in an eclectic musical quest which feeds not only on each of its characters ethnic heritage, but especially on their own spiritual recollections and experiences.

CRX (psy-trance,athens-greece)
CRX was born in athens. In high school he got involved with music and started to play the drums .in 1995 he joined “Lycanthropy”,a local death metal which later on evolved to many parallel music projects from synthmusic, darkwave to stoner rock and hardcore, a constant sound experimentation which lasted 4 years with some of the most talented artist of the athenian underground.
Later on he got infected with the psytrance sound and started djing first in private parties and later in clubs.
In 2004 he joined paranormal research and he played in many parties, from small clubs to free massives.
He is responsible for the Mind Antivirus project and he is a remixer of the holopain project.
He is currently working on compiling the first release of Helicon Sound System Records which will present the best of the Athenian underground psy-trance artists.

NOM (psy-trance,athens-greece)
Karanikas giannis aka n.o.m was born in greece in 1983 in athens.
He started to listen to psytrance in 1998 with some friends.
Then started producing music in 2005 and has released a track with narcosis in moonsun records. He is one of the organizers of paranormal research and tribal unity parties in greece.
He started djing in 2000.
Nom is one of the label managers of
Helicon Sound System Records
Currently he is busy writing music solo and with Narcosis under the project name"Phovos and Dimos"

Deco by Paranormal Research And KGB
Visual art by : VJ Mechanism(kgb) and CRX(paranormal research).
Free water supply
Location : AN Club,solomou 13-15,exarhia-greece
Admission:12 euro
Doors open at : 20:00
Have an excellent intense musical psychedelic festival !

Va-Helicon In Trance : The underground sounds of Athens
coming soon on
Helicon soundsystem 

HSS Records presents SATOR AREPO Live-29.3.08

From the Heliconian Muses let us begin to sing, who hold the great and holy mount of Helicon, and dance on soft feet about the deep-blue spring and the altar of the almighty son of Cronos, and, when they have washed their tender bodies in Permessus or in the Horse's Spring or Olmeius, make their fair, lovely dances upon highest Helicon and move with vigorous feet...

Helicon Sound System presents
Helicon in Trance Vol2

Date 29.3.08


HSS Records/D-Alice crew, Munich.de

Dominik will present his experimental trance soundsystem live for the first time in Athens


HSS Records, Greece
Exclusive Live Performance
Presenting his Debut album
The nature of the mind
for the first time in Athens


HSS Records, Greece
Exclusive Live Performance


HSS Records, Greece


Discovalley Records, Greece


Fomenth - DJ SET
HSS Records, Greece

Fractal Freak vs Z-Experiment - DJ SET
DarkPsySin, Greece

Location :
"Ghost House (1rst floor) & Ghost Bar - Lepenioti 26 - Psiri - Athens"

Damage : 12 Euro + Drink

Deco by: Margarita and Darkpsysin Collective

The event starts at 23.00..

…in the beginning, there was the night. gave a birth to an egg. When the time was right the egg opened up and splitted .the first half went high and became the sky and the second one fell down and become the earth. From the egg came Eros, the one who connects everything and he's in the roots of every life form, mortal and immortal. Cosmos is a living creation which surrounds all the living creations inside him .Cosmos is a community in which humans, gods and every living life form connects inside.Through harmony, the right portions and justice,

Cosmos is a community which connects the sky and the earth.

We deliver the message in the 21st century.

HSS Records presents "Helicon in Trance Vol3" on Sat.14.February 2009 @ Lavabore

Helicon Sound System Records presents "Helicon in Trance Vol3" on Sat.14.February @ Lavabore

HSS Celebrates the Release of its 8th installment "Tartara" as well as it’s third year of Xistance!For that reason we have arranged a small party on St. Valentine's Day, to celebrate our true love for Dark Psychedelic Music !!!
We invite you to our annual Helicon Live event with a MASSIVE Line-UP of 10 Artists on Stage !!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ Sishiva-DJ SET (Moonsun Records)
Sishiva’s Set warmed up many crazy summer nights!!!
We invite you to listen her warm Dark sounds and feel the energy of Sishiva.

Zeus Drops-Live Act (HSS Records)
Zeus Drops are a collaboration between Dark ozz and Fractal Error
Straight From Olympus Mountain , we present you one of the most promising Forest acts for their First Ever Appearance in Athens. Get Ready for Something Really Unique!!!

Tromo-DJ Set (HSS Records, Mighty Queen Records)
Nothing more to say about this Project .
Tromo is one of the most respected Athenian underground Producers
and his participation in an event is always a serious reason to PARTY!

V.O.C.-Live Act (HSS Records, Triplag Records)
Heavy! V.O.C. is a very Special Project by DigitalX and Kerberos, driven by their passion about Dark Psychedelic trance.
Their common appearance as V.O.C. in Athens is something that is not to be missed. ‘Nuff said

Helicon Sounds-Live Act(HSS Records)
Helicon’s Own Projects N.O.M. , Narcosis and DJ CRX live on Stage for the first time ever!

DJ MushBuilding-DJ Set (HSS Records)
Presenting the upcoming HSS releases in his own unique way

Location : Lavabore Club
Adress: Filellinon 25, Sintagma
Capacity : 300 but there will only be 150 Tickets available!!!
Price : 20 Euro + Drink + HSSR CD
Deco : DarkPsySin Crew + HSS Records

Presale :

Support by

Website : http://www.myspace.com/heliconsoundsystem
Contact : heliconsoundsystem@yahoo.gr

UniTY ::: LOONAR PARK # # # 3 !!!

5ips1s, Cymazz and Narcosis (Illuminati Rec.)

Acid FX vs Modulation X (KGB)
CRX (Paranormal Research)
N.O.M. (Paranormal Research)
Zopick (KGB)
Dark Elf (Discovalley Rec., KGB)

Hyperion/Dreamfish (KGB)
Holopain (Paranormal Research)

Ivan (KGB)


Entry fee
FREE !!!


UNITY (athens tribal)

PARANORMAL RESEARCH presents: On Sat. 29/04/06 Massive Event at politexnioupoli zwgrafou (open air)!

presents: "space War" (part II)

On Sat. 29/04/06 at politexnioupoli Zwgrafou

Massive Event!

Main Stage : ___DaRK - FulloN___

- Paranormal Research (INTRO)

- Dj Moonsun -(Metatron productions)

- SofiaX -(Discovalley / Insomnia recs)

- Psytour -(Femina Mandragora crew / Vertigo recs)

- Dark Elf -(Discovalley recs)-(KGB)

- Cymazz [live set] -(Illuminati / Noize Conspiracy / Melted Society recs)-(Paranormal Research)

- Narcosis -(Illuminati / Melted Society recs)-(Paranormal Research)

- N.O.M -(Paranormal Research)

- CRX -(Paranormal Research)

- PsySunset -(Space Frequency)

Stage 2 : __Acid,psy & trance anthems 1992-1996__

- Hyperion [KGB]

- Limited [SUBURBiA]

- Suspicious [X-Blue sky fm]

Open air!
Free Entrance!
Visual show!

Please respect the university and the concept...
Only positive energy...
Please no illegal substances...

ATHENS TRIBAL UNITY sat 03.12.05. - 3 stages free party 'TRIBAL GATHERING 2005'

Athens Tribal Unity (KGB + Paranormal Research) presents:
SAT 03.12.05 @ polytechnioupoli(parking area) 'TRIBAL GATHERING 2005'

an excellent psychedelic night, featuring 3 stages and many local djs of all taste...

STAGE 1 :::dark:::
Camelos(rainbow team)
Acid FX vs Modulation X(KGB)
Narcosis(Paranormal Research)
Dark Elf(KGB)(discovalley rec.)
Presenting New tracks

Darkshire(Sound XP/Tantrumm rec)
Turtle(Sound XP)

STAGE 2 :::light:::

Chris Odd(KGB)

Nature Of Mind vs CRX (Paranormal Research)

In Vitro/Roughryders (KGB)
Presenting new tracks

Psysunset(Space Frequency)


STAGE 3 :::chill & experimental + chai:::



CRX(Paranormal Research)

AZA ( http://www.artvirus.org )
Presentation of his forthcoming cosmo.sys EP
+ djset: repeat mode sound costumes

Sideliner ( http://www.cosmicleaf.com )
Presentation of the new chill out cd release "Nova Natura"

:::VIDEO by mechanism(KGB) and yolmass(KGB) :::
:::sound by GRAAL SOUND:::

FREE EVENT, bar facility(cheap drinks),deco, video projection (LIGHTS & VISUALS & LASER SHOW BY FLEYE(SPACE FREQUENCY/OPTIMYSTIC).. chaishop in the chill...
Please respect the university and the concept...
Only positive energy...
Please no illegal substances...

No fires allowed but dont fear the cold !!! hope 2 c u aLL !!!
(in case of very bad weather this party can be postponed to another date)


HSSR on Partysan Nr2

Paranormal Research & Alterground On Sunday 26/03/06 @ Underworld Club

Paranormal Research & Alterground
presents: "space War" (part 1)

On Sunday 26/03/06 - Underworld Club -

-Dark Elf - (KGB, Discovalley recs)

-Crx - (Paranormal Research)

-N.O.M - (Paranormal Research)

-Narcosis - (Paranormal Research, Illuminati recs)

-Cymazz - (Paranormal Research, Illuminati recs, Noize Conspiracy recs)

Party starts 10pm til...
Entrance 10euros with drink

Supported by Athens Tribal Unity (Paranormal Research & KGB)

PARANORMAL RESEARCH presents {NEXUS-Sin Records}-on Sat 30/09/06

PARANORMAL RESEARCH presents a Free Gathering at politexnioupoli zwgrafou (in the parking area)

on Sat 30/09/06

Line up....

For the 1st time in Athens

Nexus-{Sin Records}-portugal

Miguel and i was born in Lisbon (Portugal). I started working with music 5 years ago,
doing dj sets in industrial clubs (Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra), that was when my
experience with electronic music started. My first contact with goa trance was in the
year 2000 listening to Astral Projection, Hallucinogen, Chi AD and more... I started
going to trance parties in 2001. Later that year, me and a friend of mine started a
project called n3xu5, our firt live act was in December, a small party. In february
2002 was our first big party in Portugal. After my friend left the project, i continued
the project by my self, evolving my own style.

Moonsun -{Metatron productions}-{Moonsun Records.gr}

N.O.M -{Paranormal Research.gr}

CRX -{Paranormal Research.gr}

Dinos Mindwash-{Chaos Unlimited.uk} vs {Psytribe}-back to back

Cymazz vs Narcosis vs Dark Elf {Illuminati Rec}-{Discovalley Rec.KGB} Live

Free Entrance!

Please respect the university and the concept...
Only positive energy...
Please no illegal substances...

Supported by Moonsun Records - Paranormal Research - Athens Tribal Unity - Bassline.gr

Trance Sound As A Medium Towards Mystical Experience...


Paranormal Research presents XENOMORPH, 8 Jul 06


XENOMORPH(Gnostic Records)-DJ SET

Xenomorph is the one-man band of Mark Petrick, based in Berlin (Germany).
With nearly 10 years in the business, Xenomorph is one of the veterans in the
trance scene who has played live shows in many countries all around the globe.
He sees himself as the inventor of horror-trance, a unique style that was unprecedented in 1996 when he created songs like "Obscure Spectre" which has
upset many goa-people and was considered "unspiritual" or "un-goa-ish".
Regardless of the initial anti-sentiment against his music he has kept and refined
his style throughout the years in which the community has become more open and appreciative for dark music.

Unlike most younger trance artists who just listen to trance music, Xenomorph was exposed to a multitude of musical influences like new wave, punk/post-punk, gothic,
rock-music, death-rock, industrial, EBM, power-noise, death-metal, crossover/hardcore
as well as classical music and soundtracks.

He started to be musically active in 1985 as a bass-player in a goth-band called
"Fog Drowning". In 1990 he formed his own EBM band "Terminal Warfare" in which
he was the lead singer and has composed the songs. He then joined the local
band "Whippet of Trench" as a keyboard player besides his own project one year later.
Due to him being a multi-instrumentalist, he was asked to play guitar/bass and keyboards for a couple of shows with the local industrial band "The Unkown" in 1993.
As an enthusiastic fan of death-metal, he also found himself in loose collaborations with local death-metal bands as an audio-engineer/guitarist for their demo-recordings in the studio.
In 1994 Xenomorph was born and the first demo-tape called "Through the revealed heart" contained 6 songs which were given to all kinds of DJs like Steve Mason or Westbam to get their feedback. The early goa-labels did not really like the music until in 1996 Koyote Records have expressed their interest to release Xenomorph's debut single/EP followed by the first album "Cassandra's Nightmare", which was a world-wide success.

5ips1s - {Narcosis & Cymazz} (Illuminati records, Paranormal Research) - Live set

CRX vs. N.O.M (Paranormal Research) - Back 2 back set

Agathi club [Admitou 10 plateia Attikis, METRO: attiki]

Entrance:20 euro + Drink

Starting Time : 24:00
Full air condition
Massive Sound System


SUPPORT By MOONSUN PRODUCTIONS & Athens Tribal Unity (Paranormal Research & KGB) www.kgbeach.tk 


Underground Dark Carnival Festival 2012

Underground Dark Carnival Festival in Patras' University 

To all the sound freaks: 
come join us for carnival- a massive dark gathering with 3 days of music*



**LIVE** - ZIK (Echo Vortex Rec.)
**LIVE** - KULU (Acidance Rec./Lycantrop Rec./Deviant Force Rec.)
**LIVE** - MIND OSCILLATION (Active Meditation Music/Ohm Ganesh Pro)
**LIVE** - PUPSIDELIC [& DJ SET] (Entheogenics Music/ Eleusis Rec.)
KOKOBLOKO (Osom Rec./Tantrumm Rec./Discovalley Rec./Lycantrop Rec.)
DARK ELF (Discovalley Rec./Sonic Loom Rec.)
TROMO (Sonic Loom)
CRX (Helicon Sound Rec.)
JYRO (Entheogenics Music/D.A.R.K. Rec./Under Voice Rec.)
LOONEY (Mental Sauce Rec./Gapan Rec./Psyculture)
PSYONIC (Circle Dance Project)
TERROR MIND (Moonsun Rec.)
STIGMA (Nature Reunion)
PSY-SURFER (Moonsun Rec.)
DIMCLIP (Underground Present)
VOICE ELF (Underground Present)
SPYROS (Gravitysense)
SETRO (Circle Dance Project)
AKBAR (Plegma Rec.)
SOTOKKAN (Candyflip Rec.)
MEON (Entheogenics Music)
TECHSPEX (Entheogenics Defragment)
OPTIMUS (Natural High)
CHAOSBRAIN (Gravity Sence)
PSYPAN (DarkPsySin)
ZORA (DarkPsySin)

Additional Info: 
enTRANCE: free- as always ;)
Powerful SoundSystem*
Bar with cheap drinks and darkomelo & Chai Shop 
Deco and Visuals by Namaste Team and DarkPsySin crew

@ A.P (Amfitheatra Polytechniou), Patras' University, Rio

--> Please RESPECT the asyllum, university area and your brothers and sisters!! ♥

---> TIMETABLE <--- div="">

FRIDAY 24/02

21:00-22:30 PSYPAN (DarkPsySin) 
22:30-00:00 D.SOFI (DarkPsySin)
00:00-01:30 AKBAR(Plegma rec.)
01:30-03:00 TERROR MIND (Moonsun Rec.)
03:00-04:30 STIGMA (Nature Reunion) **LIVE** 
04:30-06-00 ATRIA(Atria music) **LIVE**
06:00-07:30 PSYSURFER (Moonsun Rec.) **LIVE**
07:30-09-00 CRX (Helicon Sound Rec) 
09:00-11:00 DIM CLIP (Unerground)
11:00-12:30 CHAOSBRAIN (Gravity Sence)
12:30-14:00 TABULARAZA(DarkPsySin)

--> ! There's going to be a break on Saturday from 14:00 to 20:00 !

SAT 25/02

20:00-22:00 DIMCLIP(underground present)
22:00-23:30 TERROR MIND (Moonsun rec)
23:30-01:00 SPYROS (Gravitysense) 
01:00-03:00 PUPSIDELIC (Entheogenics Music/ Eleusis Rec.) **LIVE**
03:00-05:00 DARK ELF (Discovalley rec./Sonic Loom)
05:00-07:30 ZIK (Echo Vortex Rec.) **LIVE**
07:30-09:30 MEON (Entheogenics Music) 
09:30-11:00 TECHSPEX (Entheogenics Defragment) 
11:00-12:30 LOONEY (Mental Sauce Rec./Gapan Rec./Psyculture)
12:30-14:00 OPTIMUS (Natural High)
14:00-16:00 VOICE ELF(underground present)
16:00-17:30 PSYONIC (Circle Dance Project)
17:30-19:00 riamaz core(dark psysin)
19:00-21:00 D.SOFI (Dark PsySin)
SUNDAY 27/02

23:30-01:30 DENDROBATES (Sonic Loom)
01:30-03:00 TROMO (Sonic Loom)
03:00-05:00 MIND OSCILLATION (Active Meditation Music) **LIVE** 
05:00-07:00 KOKOBLOKO (Osom R./Tantrumm R./Discovalley Rec.)
07:00-09:00 Z-EXPERIMENT (DarkPsySin)
09:00-11:00 SESTRO (Circle dance project)
11:00-13:00 ZORA (DarkPsySin)

Bring your kite to celebrate..

Friday 25 Nov:: JESUS RAVES (First time in Athens), Komfuzius Live + N.O.M & Meon

Entheogenics Music presents

FRIDAY 25 NOVEMBER 2011:For First time in Greece

Ulitima Rec

Eleusis Rec

Lua Rec


Entheogenics Music

Doors will be open at 00:00

Entrance fee:12 euros till 01:30 with beer, 15 euros after 01:30 with beer. 

Crystal Clear Sound System.

Moving Heads.


Full Aircondition.

Friendly Security.

Fractal Kids presents - Nevereverland - underground carnival event (24 25 26 February 2012)

24 25 26 February 2012 @ university of Patras 

3 days - 2stages (main - chill area)


Ankass (GR)

Astral Invasion (GR) live + dj set
(Polena Records)

Astro D (GR)

Astray (GR)
(Single Vision)

Bean (GR)
(Fractal Kids)

Braindrop (IN) live
(Occulta Records, Omveda Records, Psylife Music)

Cosmic Lizard (BE) live
(Arcade Disfunction Records, Madness Development Kids)

Crx (GR)
(Helicon Sound System)

Dark Angel (GR)
(Fractal Kids Team)

Elekk (GR)
(Fractal Kids Team)

Giles Leon (GR)
(SIngle Vision)

Goblin Toklin (GR-GE)
(Plegma Records)

Griblin Toons (GR)

Hrisl (GR)
(Single Vision)

Jesus Raves (RS) live
(Ultiva Records, Cosmic Crew, Rockdenashi Productionz)

Kalilaskov As (RU) live
(Ohm Gamesh Pro)

Lukas Das (GR)
(Single Vision)

Meon (GR)
(Entheogenics Music)

MetaHuman (GR)
(Fractal Kids Team)

Nas (GR)
(Pure Vibes Team)

Oudi (GR)
(Psyculture Festival, Psyculture Music)

Psy Ignition (GR) live

Psy Junkie (Zarouchleika)
(Fractal Kids Team)

Psyngrel (GR)
(Fractal Kids Team)

Sample Bugs (Pilots) (RU-GR) live
(Ohm Gamesh Pro, Plegma Records)

Sotokkan (GR)
(Candyflip records)

Stel-K (GR)
(Pure Vibes Team)

Techspex (GR)
(Entheogenics Music)

Theo Fh (GR)
(Pure Vibes Team)

Sat 14 January 12 :: KASHYYYK & DARK WHISPER ::




Kashyyyk is Pablo Valdes from Mexico City, born the 12 of April of 1977, musician since 14 years old, always motivated to express his inner thoughts and feelings thru the infinite possibilities." 

Music Links::


Dark Whisper, founder of Alice-D Productions, began dj'ing with 13 years, after collecting experience he decide to sculpting his own brand of psychedelic music learning by doing. The influence of Dark Whisper relies on the Earth, mixed with instruments and soundscapes that have been in his possession from his travels around the world. The Dark Whisper Project is an experiment, to melt the world with analog and digital soundscapes fusing the underground, with a new aged psychedelic twist, to give the listeners an endless amount of possibilities to reach a higher state of consciousness, while exploring the hypnotic frequencies of thundering rolling basslines.

Within the music you will find inspiration from life, with the inspiration of collected instruments , and combining with the music and lessons that the world is being taught by the changing struggle within this realm of existence. He has a message, and you will take something away from this experience every time. Dancers and listeners, please let go, submit to the experience and ride the waves and feel the pure energy pierce through you.

Music Links::

"Submit to the sound, so it may enter your core and reach the right target"

Along with local Support from: MEON and JYRO

@ 7 Sins Club (Themistokleous & Gamveta 5, Plateia Kanigos)

Entrance fee:15 euros till 01:30.. 20 euros after 01:30.
Crystal Clear Sound System
Capacity 600

Support from: 


Friday 10 Feb 12 :: Irgum Burgum first time in Greece ::



(Psybaba Rec/HSSR) Hungary

Music Links::

(Entheogenics Music/ Eleusis Rec)

Music links::

(Entheogenics Music/ Alice-D / HSSR)

Music links::




@ 7 Sins Club (Themistokleous & Gamveta 5, Plateia Kanigos)

Entrance fee:15 eur + Beer
Crystal Clear Sound System
Capacity 600

Support from: