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Cosmic Lizard - Belgium

Psylence mind - Hellas

Soo Spicey - USA

A fiesty squirrel from Planet Nutbrain. Making bouncy squirrel frequencies since 2011 :)

Aum Sync -India

Aum Sync / Subhash Nicholas (30th Oct 1987, Cochin, India) started producing darkpsy in 2011 at Aberdeen, Scotland. He got into the magical journey of sound and positive thoughts in the year 2011 when he attended his first party at London. By the end of 2011 he went back to home country. And now doing full time darkpsy production. His music is different and is influential. His music is a mix of deep atmospheric pads like forestpsy and powerful psycore baselines. He is highly influenced by Psykovsky, Cosmo, Highko, Dark Whisper, Atriohm, Insector, Onkel Dunkel ....and it goes on and on.

He shared stages with some International acts like Insector, Panayota, Abomination, Shameless ....

He released his debut track with Jellyfish Frequency Recordings. His debut live act was in Himalayas in India.

Eleusis -SPA/MEX

In the search of sensations and raise awareness to a more sublime, finding in art the best way to travel in time. Eleusis arrives as a ghost in my tongue turned into words by a book "LSD My Problem Child" by Dr. Albert Hoffman (1999) begin listening to Psychedelic trance (2002)
Study at LAMDA (the Mexican Academy of Audio) (2007).

In 2008 he played in some Partys in Barcelona, Esp starting stage with artists: Hishiryo, Kiriyama, Shakri Konnektor, Dark Summer, Psykoz, Murukhan,among other DJs and producers of Barcelona, a. December 2010 Organize "Lemurian Codes Party" have as artists: Kasatka, Dark Whisper, Solar Suvuya in August was "Universal Love Party" With Dekaht Bulhi, Kalilaskov AS, Mantrik Frequency. and the Union of all these energies is what makes me vibrate with the Psychedelic Flow...

Mr Hades

Javier Perez Sandoval, known as Mr. Hades, 
was born in 1983, is from Guadalajara, Mexico. 
Start your musical tastes by attending festivals of electronic music, 
until the occasion to make their own productions, 
trying to define his style in the Darkpsy. 

Has been presented in several cities in the country, 
sharing the stage with national artists, 
(Audiopathik, Kuxxum, SOS, Xikwiri Neyrra, Arcek, Extraterrestre) 
and International (Rawar, Khaos Sector Hishiryo, Mubali). 
Receiving a good acceptance. Currently learning experience, 
to ensure that their production will be consolidated.

MetaHuman - Hellas

MetaHuman is a multidimensional being who wanders million and millions of light years
through universes of the inner and outer time-space with one mission to accomplish;
to protect all the planets of the known and unknown cosmos from their self destruction.
Using his collective memory and experience as a music form, he tries to gather all
the intergalactic spiritual powers into one pure positive energy to spread creation, willpower, unity and self respect.
In the real world, my name is Kostas Kotsoris, born and live in Greece.
I produce a kind of psychedelic-experimental trance music (or name it as you like….no hard feelings)
under the artist name “MetaHuman”.
Everyday that passes, i'm trying to improve and evolute my sound and music through persistence experimentations and hard work.
At this stage,my music consists of fast beats,groovy basslines,complex and glitched-short circuited frequencies combined with a touch of melodic elements and an essence of oldschool revival!


Gamaliel - under the pseudonym concealed the izhevsk musician Jacob Skutin, which produces music in the styles of Techno and Psy-Trance. He began his career as a musician in 2005, when he heard it was the first time for a new style of Psy-Trance music - Full-On, began probyvat write similar music, as a result has created a very successful project «Psychedelic People» with a friend. The result came in at that time a popular promotional group «Shanti-Shanti». Began performing at various major festivals of the city, with stars as small and large quantities, went to some cities, as well as time to attend such festivals in the Crimea as Skydance and Liquid Beach in 2007. In early 2008, James decided to move forward in the direction of Psy-Trance and opened the project «Gamaliel» aimed at the night side sound of this style. The project has received positive responses in different countries such as Romania, Mexico, France, America, England, Brazil and Israel. Currently, he opened his net label Mystical Flashback Records, which released music in the style Dark Psy-Trance, launched in March 2011. In addition to the release on his label releases also produces music and other famous labels...

Yata Garasu - Belgium

yata-garasu a.k.a paul hoeylaerts izz also : - an alchemist
- a skater
-producer since:2004/2005
-dj since:2000
yata-garasu owner of : final nightmare records(belgium)
-vice press of : skitzophrenik lifeform records (belgium)
-Vice pressident of : horrordelic records ( norway) . ---

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Hishiryo - France

"Hishiryo is a zen and buddhist term who mean: 
Beyond the thought, thinking without thought. It's the state of meditaion when u don't think to somethngs but u let ur mind and soul goes away."

In the 90'S, he is playing guitar and bass in some metal / fusion / punk band an participate at some hip-hop instrumental. 
He discovered electronic music in the middle of 90's and he felt in love for it, after some years to go to parties and have fun, he began to mix in 2000 to give to people the same pleasure that he had on the dancefloor!! And he organized parties between 2002 and 2003 in France with "Free Freakencies". 
After a moment, he began to create music in the beginning of 2004!

He is actually making "fast night psytrance" with some dark, mystic, or funny atmosphere to try to make u trip and dance far away, without limits in voices samples and some distortions. In more of this project, he has also some side projects: "Aragami", "Gravedancers" with Yara and a great connexion with Kiriyama. And he likes make versus trax with other artist to combinate different energies and give powerfull vibrations.
His music is influenced by different kind of music as Metal, Fusion, Psytrance, Acid techno, Hardtech, Breakbeat, Drum n Bass; and he is influenced also by horror/terror movies, ancient astronauts theories, spirituality, mysticism and wolrdwide culture.

He played in many country all over the world: France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, U.S.A, Russia, India, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Mexico,....

He was a part and an official dj/artist of Kabrathor rec, and he is actually the manager of "Wild Seven Recordz", and also he represent and support in live / dj set Devils Mind Records, and some other friends labels too.

Revolted - France

Master Pain - Mexico

Master Pain is the music of Pedro Corona Sanchez a Psy-Trance DJ from Mexico.

Autopsy - Switzerland

Holix - Sweden

Holix started creating music back in 2004. He likes to create music to get lost in, with a dark forest climax and deep atmosphere, overall a hypnotic journey that makes nice things with your mind!

Gloomy Phantom - Germany

Gloomy Phantom is Timo Coerdt born 1980 in a small city called Soest in Germany. He starts 1997 with djing on small privat partys and birthdays. After a few years he think its boring to play every time sound from other peoples and start to produce. 2002 he starts his first project “PasYphaE” in melodic dark psychedelic trance without any results. 2007 he cancelt this project and starts Gloomy Phantom to go deeper into the dark psychedelic trance with much horror influence.

Somarobotics - Switzerland

Somarobotics is the psychedelic trance project of Jorge Romero originaly from Caracas, Venezuela and now living in Zug, Switzerland.

The project started out as a dark ambient experimental live PA project, performing in the chill out areas of outdoor events in Venezuela since 2003. He began producing psychedelic trance as an evolution of the initial project, with the intention of creating a different sound within the style and providing audiences with a live performance through rhythm patterns improvisations and live knob tweakings.

His current work is often described as a journey of dark passages and powerful trance mayhem. The current sound combines heavy rhythmic compositions, driving bass, progressive leads and dark atmospheres to create a unique energy experience in the dance floor. He incorporates part of his minimal techno productions into psychedelic trance, therefore obtaining an overall differentiated sound. Somarobotics live act consists of constant sound manipulation through software and hardware, executing a very different set in each performance, which variations are based on the audience mood and the type of venue.

Cyko - Sweden

Cyko is a dark psychedelic project by Pelle Sundin, born in 1992 from Gothenburg, Sweden. Since he was 13, he enjoyed metal and death metal music, and played in several bands as a drummer. He discovered trance and psytrance music around the age of 15, but missed the heavy aspect of the music he found in the metal and death metal genre.
 Around that time is when he discovered dark psychedelic trance; dark, twisted and heavy, exactly the kind of trance he had been looking for - it immediately got to him and became his favorite genre of music.

He got interested in producing his own music in the end of 2008 and learned the basics fast. Soon the project took form.


Surupo - Hellas

Surupo ( σούρουπο ) is the greek word for Twilight.

Twilight is the illumination that is produced by sunlight scattering in the upper atmosphere, illuminating the lower atmosphere when the Sun itself is not directly visible because it is below the horizon, so that the surface of the Earth is neither completely lit nor completely dark. The word "twilight" is also used to denote the periods of time when this illumination occurs.

Surupo is a dark, deep, ambient, forestial and atmospheric psychedelic trance project.

MadianBrains - Melbourne,Australia

Cthulhu - Mexico

Cesar Ponce de León aka CTHULHU and Ewok born in Mexico City in 1987 and now lives in Hermosillo Sonora.
He started producing music in 2008 when he decided to create his own beats and music. At that time the name of his project was psycotik anonim, a project of psytrance experimental that combined bpm's very high, sounds dark and samplers incoherent simultaneously began working with a project called Nahualnoise, which is a project of hardcore, speedcore and experimental.
After two years of work, he decided to make a radical change to its production and the project was born of Cthulhu. Proposed experimental psytrance with dark sounds, steady bass line, dense atmospheres, powerful and twisted lead, bubbling sounds that do lead people to a wooded environment, swampy cosmic dark.
Cthulhu is synonymous with deep psychedelic glow in the dark.
Cthulhu is part of several international labels, such as Nabi Records, Fish 'N Tips Records, YAWWE Records and the first record that I had support from the proyect of psycotik anonim labels is one of the most important national and Latin America. Ultratumaba Records.

Witch Freak - Italy

Witch Freak is a forest project of Alexander Tacconi (Italy,Estonia), born in Italy in 1984, the first touching with electronic instruments starts on 2004. Sound of Witch Freak is based on deep night forest tales with obsessed basslines and froggy organic leads.

Dark Element - Germany

Dark Element is the DarkPsy Project from Sascha michael. He started to listen psy in the age of 15. and with the time he learn to use the music programs Like propellerhead Reason, Steinberg Cubase and Logic Pro 9 to doing his own music, after 4 years of experience with the producing scene he becomes a connection with Nakshatra Records from goa. (India) who can help to release his music. 

Dark Element project consist dark atmospheres, forest ambients and horror movie Voices, The Flow is creating with groovy Basslines and synths, atmospheric pads and rythmic percussions.

Zaiklophobia - Cyprus

ZAIKLOPHOBIA is the solo output of Yiannis Antoniou from Limassol, Cyprus. His journey began on the dancefloors of the local psychedelic trance scene and the desire to explore musical experiences was born. He started djing at underground parties and slowly created the need of making his own music. He moved to Thessaloniki, Greece where he studied music production.zaiklophobia is part of Bhooteshwara Records , Green Wizards Records, Monstruo Ink Crew, Blitz Studios and Anarchic Freakuency Records.
His tunes explore passages of sounds that transcend through a cosmic, full power psychedelic music with dark vibes and trippy melodies.

Additionally, as a supporter of the psychedelic scene in Cyprus, he founded Carpathian Forest Crew to organize events through the performances of international artists, dynamic deco and mind-bending dance floors. Also he founded a label under the name Anarchic Freakuency Records and became an active member to other projects, like the two-man project Zaigon with Agonist.


Elepsy - Romania

Elepsy is a psychedelic trance producer based in Transylvania. The musical journey began when he was just a kid and started experimenting with different styles of music. 

The energy and pure power of psychedelic trance, experienced at the very fisrt party, were the keypoints to a new lifestyle. It was not long before started (laptop) dj-ing around Romania and producing his own sounds. 

His sounds are influenced by mysticism, space, nature and other ''weird'' things that our society nowadays forgot or ignores. 

As a producer of psychedelic trance music, moods,emotions and other universal, surrounding factors do not let him settle with a typical formula in his productions: each track has a different flavour and tells a 
different story: From bouncy to digitalised basslines,from smooth to weird scapes to the maximum use of special effects in each and every track. Basically he began to create his own way of playing with sounds and styles, melting them into a story together. 

His music is experimental, powerfull and oriented to make you trip, with a taste of love and madness.

Meanwhile Elepsy has released some of his tracks on various free compilations over Ektoplazm. To his surpsise, he has also been part of 2 mindblasting compilations from Nabi Records with many top artists of the dark psychedelic scene.

Dark Chico - Hellas

Paranoia Sector - Hellas

Paranoia Sector,is the DarkPsy Project from Greece his name is Antonis Kotsis. He started to listen Psychedelic Trance, GOA, Nizhonot Uplifting Trance at the age of 13 and started to make tracks with music programs Steinberg Nuendo, Cubase, FL Studio 10 since 2011..
He likes to experimenting with dark ambiences, chaotic sounds, power noises, FMs and has many influences from many artists like Psychoz, Orestis, The nommos, Hishyrio, Psykovsky, Parasense, Atriohm, Baphomet Engine and many others...
Paranoia Sector or Psybaf firstly started as a digital artist on graphic design at the age of 16 making psychedelic, dark, abstracts, artworks and he has made cd covers, logos, flyers and backrounds.

Psy4tecks - Portugal

Ruben Valente born in Portugal in 1988 begun at the age 13 finding himself interested into Psy Trance. Some years passed and in 2006 he gave the first steps in production when he decided to create the project Psy4tecks. He describes his style DarkPsychedelic with weird & creepy melodies, agessive leads and scary athmosphere. He produces between 148 & 170 BPM.

Nazrael - Cyprus

NAzrael, based in Limassol, Cyprus started as a supporter of the psytrance scene and has enjoyed parties and festivals around Europe.
Those experiences made him to play Dj sets at various events and took him to Greece where he studied Sound Engineering and started producing his own Psychedelic music.

At the same time he pushes his musical limits with the creation of the project Multiple Personality with Zaiklophobia.

Aum Sector - Hellas

Aum Sector began his trip into the Psychedelic world of trance in 2005.
After taking some studies in Sound Engineering and Electronic music production Aum sector was born.

Aum Sector is actively involved in the underground psy scene in Athens, Greece and is founder of Samvara Experience team.
‘Self exploration of the darkest corners of our brain’ is his main goal and its expressed through his music,
which is a mixture of Darksound and morning blend with powerful basslines.

Shamantra - Sweden

Dark psychadelic music from the deep forests of Sweden

The Grobians - Sweden

This project started in 2008 by Danet and Jens. With background from music as hiphop, reggae and jungle they started to produce psytrance.
Before The Grobians they also did goatrance act Indica Project 2007-2010.
Soon they started to play at partys around Sweden and later on different countries in Europe blasting dancefloors with groovy innovative rythms and sounds.

With influences from all different kind of music this is a journey into fresh funk psytrance.
The great feeling of seeing people freaking out and having a blast to their music, being a part of this psychedelic culture, meeting friends all over the world is the source of Danet’s inspiration. 
Since summer 2011 The Grobians is runned by Danet only.

Psy-Mr. - Italy

-Born in north Italy in 1977, he's introduced to music at the age of 13 years in local radio as aspiring DJ. 3 years after starting the adventure in the best places in North Italy in the scene techno/electronic.
 -In 2001 leaves the disco to another world..."the psytrance-party" and begin to play in many parties in north Italy and in Swiss. 
-From 2007 Psy-Mr. play whit famous national and international Artists like: Atati,Asher,AcidProphecy,Atma,Bpm, Blisargon Demogorgon,Ocelot, FiuzZ,Rev,Khaos Sector,Terranoise, Z-Cat,Parasense,Sushupti,Haunted Castle and many more!! 
-Born in 2009 a new project with Xp-Woody(live percussion-drum machine) which combines the time pressures darkpsy with the most classical instruments ... the battery.!! 
-In 2011 born a new project Psy-Mr. begins to produce his music !! 
-In 2012 born a new project with Caveman. (http://soundcloud.com/caveman-4)
 -In January 2013 present him new live set !
 -In June 2013 Becomes part of Visionary Shamanics Records !

Crooked Mind(DJ Damaru) - Costa Rica

Cro_Oked Mind is a psychedelic trance project from Jose Julian Montenegro also known as dj damaru from Costa Rica

Always being enchanted by music since very early in his life and how it can express and manipulate feelings and different emotional states ,He started by playing bass and guitar with rock bands ., later on he became more interested specifically in psychedelic trance music . Julian started getting involved with psytrance,assisting to local parties around 2006 and in early 2009 started as dj Damaru playing in different local parties with Isotropic Sounds and other crews in CR . Had the chance to play with artists like: Demonizz , Dark elf , Bombax , Paraforce, Bodhisattva 13:20, Terranoise , Grim, Greenix, Insector, Frantic Noise, Silly Twit .. and other local artist and dj's from the psytrance scene in Costa rica.

Damaru meaning :
The damaru drum is an ancient and spiritually potent symbolic medium for ritual music and magic used to communicate the intangible abstract other world through the senses.
There is also a legend that the sound Shiva made on Damaru was passed onto his son, Lord Ganesha, who was a famous pakawai player. He then added more sound and produced music

Right now focusing on music production , with the project Cro_Oked Mind trying to create his own psychedelic style , with solid basslines , atmospheric sounds and dynamic melodies around ..


Spagettibrain is an artist in dark psytrance from Thessaloniki Greece.
He is working on cubase since 2004 and the first live set in psyculture festival 2011 just started the engine.
His first release became in V/A BON ODORI by lonely planet rec 
and his first EP - FAKE FUTURE on 17 Dec 2011 by lonely planet rec.
He played his music in many events with great artists like Orestis, Zik, Kaos, Dark Elf, Mind Oscillation,Stranger,Cosmo,Antagon and many more.
In the beginning of 2013 had a release with ZIK.
A tour by ZIK-WORLD followed with ZIK,Mind Oscillation and Paul Karma in Amsterdam,Hamburg,Berlin and last stop in Stuttgart.
Love for the music. 
Available for parties and festivals.
Lets make people dance.

Synthetic Forest - Germany

"Synthetic Forest" is a project aiming to induce the moods and percepts,
which commonly are provoked by the sight of loving mama nature but also her darker manifestations,
represented by the deep woods and secret caves around this perplexing construct we call our world.

Plasma Force - Canada

A friend introduced me to electronic music at around age 15. From this point onward i have developed the taste for trance , following the path i chose into creative hypnotic talented trippy territory. I found that there was a driving force within to create my own of this tasty, juicy, buzzing mind and body sonic medicine :P Begining with some really easy loop sequencing softwares like eJay, Sony Acid and Fruityloops which still has stuck with me for a while. Developing new methods and techniques to refine this sound, trying new software out and just having fun creating something awesome! :P

Thats my goal.

Sharing it is a magical experience for me as it is for you listeners
Welcome to the Plasma Force Project :)
Enjoy your stay and come again soon
Positive Energy for all

Other Projects :


Music Producer/Dj for Eleusis Records


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